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Classic Age Publishing is a South African independent traditional Publishing house. Our primary purpose is to promote and uplift censored African Literary voices. During Apartheid, Africans could not tell their stories with the fear of being censored by commercial Publishers. Some of those stories were banned from the public whilst many authors have deviated from telling their stories because of the fear of being left our of the Literary ecosystem which have been very careful in censoring many radical black painful stories which we still need today in order to repair and heal from the psychological demands of 400 years of incarceration and dehumanization. Freedom of expression is still an issue when it comes to the clinical reasoning of people who have suffered marginalization expunging complete expression in Literature. Our titles are therefore a reflection of what we stand for. Censorship have in essence also affected the culture of reading in South Africa since many black people don’t find themselves in a couple of books being written everyday. We are merely focused on topics confronting Racism, Black inferiority complex, White Supremacy, Black dis-aggregation, African History, Freedom of Expression, Relationships, Inspiration, Black Consciousness, Black Pain, etc.

Our duty is not only to uplift the previously marginalized African Literary voices but also to bring qualitative books and to acknowledge the African Literary network all over Africa and abroad. We publish books that affect and change people's lives and their cognitive growth positively. Our main focus is Non-fiction but we publish in every Genre.