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Classic Age Publishing is an independent African Publishing house. Our purpose is to promote and uplift  African literature. We are dedicated to uplifting independent Afrocentric views and also to introduce quality books. We publish books that are likely to affect people's lives positively. Our focus is Non-fiction but we may publish in any Genre should the need arises.

The company was founded in 2016 by the best selling Author,  Vukulu Sizwe Maphindani. When he founded the business he had no intention of publishing anyone either than himself. His intention was to publish only his work and distribute same to different bookshops in South Africa and abroad after having been rejected by major South African Publishing houses. However, after realising the struggle he had to go through to publish his first book, he saw a need for him to expand the company and bring about change in the publishing industry by making it easier and affordable for any potential African author to publish their work. Since inception, the company has launched more than 20 authors and have built relationships with prestigious bookshops around the country and abroad. We have a vendor with Exclusive books, Bargain books, Skoobs, African Flavour books, Bridge books and over 70 Print on Demand and eBook retailers worldwide.

We have taken it upon ourselves to bridge a gap between publishing costs and quality since publishing in this country is extremely costly. The reason why our publishing costs are plausible is because we have realized that not all books published everyday have the capacity to sell thousands of copies. So it wouldn't be fair for anyone to publish their work with an amount that is higher than the projected sales that the book is likely to make which is also not fair for us a business to be charging such low amounts for the quality work we produce. However, because it's not only about money, but the upliftment of African-centred literature, we have taken it upon ourselves to balance the equation between costs and quality books for the good of literature.


We have a professional team ready to make your book a success:      

Our Publishing Packages

Bronze Package (R4000)

Gold Package ( R10000)

Platinum ( R34 000 )

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From the time you publish your book with us we give you a family feel because its not just about business. It about us he  If you are that someone who wishes to get your book published and                                                                                    distributed with our top SA's distributors contact us we are ready to help you.


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